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What is Meditation?

General meditation practises are an art of taming and enhancing the power of the mind and its faculties. Constant practice of certain techniques can help develop extra sensory perception and the experience of inner peace is possible.

Meditation serves as a signpost for spiritual attainments.

Meditation is not a religious practise; it is a universal, natural activity that is free from any cultural, social, racial or other boundaries.

What is Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation?

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation or Arka Dhyana is a practical, step-by-step approach, to exploring one’s true potential for experiencing peace and harmony within, which can make a positive contribution to health.

Developed by Srinivas Arka (Mahaguru Yogi Arka) through many years of personal research, study and direct experience, it has helped people around the world to develop their unique, special qualities and enrich their lives. The technique is effective because it allows people to build a harmonious relationship between their mind and inner consciousness, which Arka identifies with the heart.

Meditation is a way of enhancing the power of the mind. Long ago, the term ‘meditation’ had an in-depth meaning, but is used today in a common context. For some, it is merely a stress relieving and health supporting mental exercise. Others use it as a substitute for prayer or supplication. Here, ‘meditation’ is not used as a synonym for something else, but as an introduction to Dhyana.

In Arka Dhyana, through breath, touch and sound, ‘conscious-awareness,’ (which has predominantly manifested itself in the brain,) is invited to the realm of heart. This automatically relaxes the brain. You start the journey with your feet and then climb to the crown of the head, touching various points along the way; it is an adventure in self-discovery.

Centre for Conscious Awareness New Zealand offer Intuitive Meditation classes for all members of the public. Please feel free to contact us today and join our classes.

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation book is also available for purchase from our online shop.

An enlightening journey into your inner realms,
initiated by your breath, sound and touch.


- Srinivas Arka

Benefits of Arka Dhyana

  • Development of intuitive sense

  • Stress reduction

  • Raising Self-Awareness

  • Better understanding of our being

  • Effective relaxation

  • Knowing one’s potential and purpose

  • Accessing intuitive wisdom and finding direction

  • Mental and emotional well-being

  • Positive influence on health

  • Maintaining memory and concentration

  • Better understanding of the philosophy of mind, body and consciousness

  • Personal growth and self-development

  • Recognition of true Self through knowledge and experience.

  • Increased spatial awareness

  • Enhanced proprioception, i.e. unconscious perception, by the nerves and inner ear canals, of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself – this gives rise to an enhanced ability to sense the position, location, and movement of the body and its parts.

  • Increased body awareness, combined with ability to direct an increased presence of the mind to specific regions of the body, such as key energy points or areas of discomfort, contributing to:

    • Increased strength

    • Better pain management

    • Increased ‘grounding’, vitality and improved health status from a greater conscious presence within the body

    • Enhanced ability to project and focus the mind onto studies, career and personal life.

In the cosmic evolution of Nature and the Universe, we are gifted with freedom and space to put our will and wish and heart, to feel the fulfilment of life and to raise our self-awareness. Dhyana is at the heart of one’s spiritual development.

Meditation is not only for reaching higher levels of consciousness, but also for experiencing other important aspects of it such as:

  • Acceptance – We should accept people the way they are. Only then they can also accept us.

  • Expectations – When we expect much, we become conditioned and we may become dejected if our expectations are not met. We may over react or lose enthusiasm for life. We can anticipate but not expect unreasonably.

  • Greater Empathy – Listening to people with heavy hearts will help them relieve their pressure, stress and strain or emotional burden.

  • Unconditional service – Offering unconditional service, at least wherever and whenever possible can bring some rare joy

  • Fulfilment – Qualities like the above will aid Meditational experience to be profound; continued practice and clearer understanding of the nature of Arka Dhyana can lead one to self-realisation.

The benefits of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation are immense. Its three fundamental components, touch, sound and breath, are the key principles that combine together and act in harmony while in Dhyana, giving us benefits at all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Join Our Classes

Classes in Auckland and Christchurch are available with registered teachers of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation.


Learning Objectives:

  • To have a basic understanding of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation

  • To sing clearly and correctly the special sound Saaroogovaum

  • To enable the practice of the 19 steps of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation

Please use the form below to register to our classes and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch shortly.


“After a busy day concentrating on many different matters, this meditation feels like the calm in the wild weather. The vibration from the singing relaxes my mind and soul. The touch of the hands to the points of my body warms and unwinds me, especially my tired eyes. I look forward to my meditations through the week, but especially with the group and the special energy that surrounds us each time. I get a feeling of being separated from my body, yet more connected.”

Leanne Thorpe                


“What a lovely meditation tonight. I felt the beginning of feeling separate from my body, as well as a kind of pulsing within it. The music was lively and fresh to me and made me feel like dancing, but without my body—this sounds strange! I also felt a strong sense of gratitude, and of being bathed in an orange light.

Last week we chanted Saroogovaum on each point and I felt my presence clearly on each point, which really helped me to focus, and quieten the mind. I felt a lot of heat around my mouth—my lips felt really big—as if I’d had botox!

Sarah Domigan      


“I have been using the Arka Dhyana touch and sound meditation for a while now. From time to time I attend a class run by Carys.At other times I use the CD.I purchased. I find great comfort in the vibration of the sound. Due to a physical disability, I am unable to touch some energy points, but it does not matter. I visualise them, and seem to get the same effect. It restores my energies, and gives me inner strength.”


Eve Gamsby

Classical Naturopath.

MS sufferer 

"Two months before I came on this course I was very,very depressed.I am South African and a lot of people in South Africa suffer from post-tramatic depression. I have never tried meditation before as I thought I would fail.When reading about meditation I always got a negative impression,but with Arka Dhyana you don’t get an obligated feeling that if you don’t reach a Divine state it is OK.I always ask before starting anything—“Would I do this for the rest of my life?”Now I definately miss it if I don’t do it every day.It is a realistic meditation.I can fit it in any time of the day and I feel it makes life a lot easier.Arka Dhyana quietens my mind and brings me closer to being able to access my inner source and to be able to listen within.

Carys is a very good teacher.She is calm and I felt that I could trust her.The course is also very well constructed and so easy to follow.I enjoyed the classes very much.I feel that Arka Dhyana has already changed my life.”

Naretha Nel 

Our Teachers

Carys Grant


I have been teaching Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation for twelve years. I met Srinivas Arka in Auckland in 1994 when he was visiting Auckland on a tour. His talks were very informative and inspiring. I found him to be very cheerful and positive. I learnt later that it was due to His meditative practice-- Arka Dhyana: Intuitive Meditation which he had created. On a later trip he held a workshop. I attended it, loved it and continued to practice it. After about two years he advised me to "step outside your comfort zone and teach it." I was a qualified primary school teacher, but teaching this meditational technique would be different! However I survived and was so happy to see the results of peace and happiness it bought to others. Other service activities: New Zealand Vegetarian Society, NZ Red Cross, CCANZ--PRO, Auckland Welsh Choir chorister, New Zealand Forest and Bird Society and Greenpeace NZ.

I am also an Arka Dhyana instructor for those wanting to be Arka Dhyana teachers.


Asmita Makwana


I was introduced to yoga at the age of 9 and have been teaching in a professional practice environment for the past 37 years. In my quest to find answers to personal challenges in 1992, I was introduced to Srinivas Arka who guided me to learn and teach the principles of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation and its benefits. After doing an intensive therapy on myself with Arka Dhyana, reading Srinivas Arka’s numerous literature, I noticed profound changes in my life, both spiritually and physically and that I was ready to spread this wonderful gift of Dhyana.

​I have incorporated this Arka Dhyana technique with the hatha Yoga teachings in my practice for the last 18 years. Regular Arka Dhyana classes are now offered in my studio in Christchurch and local community groups. It has been beautiful to witness the growth of many individuals who have attended these Arka Dhyana classes by seeing improvements to their overall wellbeing


Benefits of Arka Dhyana
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