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Overall wellbeing encapsulates the total and complete state of health and wellness experienced by the individual. It is gauged by the combined state of all layers of health, from physical and mental to emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing.

"On the surface we all think and speak differently but deep down we are the same. Despite that, finding harmony amongst us remains a challenge.


Train the body mechanically,

tame the mind logically

and nurse the heart emotionally"

- Srinivas Arka

  • There is no formula for perfect health, because health is not purely physical or mathematical. The deeper you go the more sensitive and mystical it becomes.

  • Eating correctly, regular exercise, rest and relaxation are all tangible pillars of health, which cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

  • Happiness does not always come through mere material fulfilment. There is something you will miss in life which you may start searching for in the world; only to realise at some point it is somewhere with you. Then joy surfaces and reflects upon others to inspire them.

  • Health is made up of several layers - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and overall well being. All of which are inextricably intertwined.

  • You can improve the awareness of your body's natural discipline and rhythms through regular exercise and good eating habits

  • Overall well being can be improved by avoiding obstacles such as too much of an analytical mentality, arrogance and negativity


"Health is an overall normal function of the body, in harmony with nature. It's a feeling of oneness within, as if you are in control of your body. It is an experience of unity between the mind and body.

The after-effect of this is joy, courage, peace and the confidence of well-being"

- Srinivas Arka

Spiritual health, or health of consciousness , is the root of everyone's wellbeing. If inner consciousness shrinks, it will have a rippling effect on emotional,mental and physical health. Often there are no strong, logical reasons why it happens. One has to discover for oneself, intuitively, how to emerge from it.

"Too much rationality is like a desert.

Too much emotion is like a flood.

Both states of consciousness should be experienced in balance

to feel the fullness of life"

- Srinivas Arka

Some people appear to be fit and health on the outside but, deep inside they may feel an inexplicable discomfort that is incurable by medical means alone. This internal sickness is metaphysical and is difficult to heal by mere medical or psychiatric treatment. In such cases, going to the core of one's being to inquire becomes absolutely necessary. In such words, one of the most effective cures for any negative condition is the awakening of your love. This inquiry into our spiritual nature gives a sense of inspirational comfort and experience, which adds to overall health.

When love, the dormant energy (harmonious and curative by nature), is awakened through self discovery, negative characteristics like envy and hatred are flushed out. As a consequence, the mind regains its positive attitude, bringing healthy changes in the body.

"Spirituality is a gracefully adventurous inner journey and a silent battle for balance between the logical mind and the loving heart.

This experience is amazingly transformational."

​- Srinivas Arka

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