''Mind is the pollen of the flower of deeper consciousness in the plant of our spirit''

- Srinivas Arka


We are a multi-national, registered charitable organisation concerned with raising conscious awareness of individuals, helping them to identify their role, significance, responsibility and their own unique positive potentials, to contribute to the development of humanity in harmony with nature.

Birthday Wishes for Founder of Centre for Conscious Awareness New Zealand, Srinivas Arka

27th September 2021

Birthday Message by Hansa
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Happy Bithday Arkaji. It was a chance meeting on a flight to Auckland that changed my life.  Now I try to live my life by your philosophy and teachings. The Positive Living sessions inspired us all where we shared  your philosophies on ways  of living positively through healthy eating the influence of music or shared  housing communities. Most importantly practicing and sharing  Arka Dhyana to build conscious awareness. I have special memories of my time at Arka Dharma in Mysore and the special relationships with people from across the globe who all practice Arka Dhyana.

Thank you and Happy Birthday.



Thank you so much for all the energy and time you so graciously imparted to New Zealand over the last 30 years. 

But most of all for introducing us to your own special and unique meditation practice — Arka Dhyana from which so many have benefited. It was indeed an honour when you advised me to teach it. 

Have a happy day with all the blessings you deserve.

With much love



I have been very fortunate to have had met Srinivas Arka in the 90’s he has helped me become a stronger independent person through his teachings and methods. 


Working in the health profession especially during the pandemic has highlighted that our health and wellbeing is sometimes beyond our control. We are heavily influenced by external factors, so by practising Arka Dhyana the spiritual dimension compliments and enhances our physical well being. A few moments of Intuitive Meditation like Arka Dhyana or Heart-level intuitive meditation can keep you composed.


I have organised and attended retreats with Him, the last being 2019 in New Zealand. This retreat introduced the Intuitive Intelligence program highlighting the importance of communication, and health on many levels . It also opened up many doors to explore in one’s life journey for the attendees. 


I wish Srinivas Arka all the best for a beautiful birthday celebration and thanking him for all his support and guidance. 


Thanks for helping others in need.

Pippa Brown

Thank you for the time you have devoted to build and inspire us.  I really enjoy your beautiful words of wisdom and inspirational videos.  

Neelam Brown


Thank you for inspiring myself and my family to be better in our daily lives.  

Tony Brown

Thank for being an inspiration in my life.

Sarju Dayal 


All our love and warm wishes for your birthday.

Tony Brown, Neelam Brown, Pippa Brown and Sarju Dayal

Happy Birthday. You are our heart and soul, thank you for all your blessings and guidance.

Asmita and Bhupendra Makwana

Centre for Conscious Awareness New Zealand are committed to:

  • Teaching Intuitive Meditation to improve one's overall wellbeing, to raise their conscious awareness and realise their innate positive potential, their role, responsibility and unique meaning in life.

  • Improving access to education for all. Everyone in the world has the right to receive education, to be fed and sheltered.

  • Improving management of individual resources, encouraging manufacturing, buying and selling of materials in a more ethical manner.

  • Reducing humanity’s impact on the environment and our planet.

  • Healthy eating, which helps individuals to become aware of their own diet, nutrition and less burden on national health services and Recycling.

Vision for Centre for Conscious Awareness

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This audio-visual presentation was created in honour of the World Sound Healing Day celebrated every year on 14th February.

It is a global invitation to sing or chant harmonious sounds with the intention of emanating positive emotions, such as joy, love and compassion, to Mother Earth and the environment. It is supported by the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA), and many other organisations, including Sound Healing practitioners and researchers.

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