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Lecture by Srinivas Arka on ‘Becoming Self-Aware to create and live positively; staying focused, determined and motivated; managing a balance between ambition and practicality.'
Lecture at Abacus Institute of Business Management Christchurch

Friday 12 June 2015



Attended by many enthusiastic students of Abacus Business Management Institute

Highlights of Arka’s lecture: ‘Motivation which is important, is for the mind and not long lasting, whereas inspiration is for the heart and lasts longer. We are not merely beings with a thinking mind, but we have been brought to earth for a specific reason. Since experience was so important in our lives we should take time for deep, silent thinking to find out who we truly are by questioning — “what is mind, body, intuition and emotion(?)” Do your own research on yourself. Work out how you learn—is it through What you have heard? What you have touched? What you have seen? Or the environment? Helpful tips: Meditate to find the best way first: record doubts before you go to sleep: create excitement in your studies-even by changing the colour of your writings: be determined; breathe deeply to connect your mind and heart.’

One of the questions from the audience - “How can people see that their troubles are inside and not outside?” Arka’s answer was: “It takes courage to see that you are involved rather than blaming others. Challenge yourself from another perspective for Self-realization. It is constructive to blame yourself. You cannot change people. They have their own personalities. Always cross check, and experiment. Never assume. Verify and get to the facts.”

Light refreshments were served before conclusion of the event.
Books authored by Srinivas Arka and signed by him were obtained by students/staff, as they experienced lasting memories of an informative, memorable and inspiring talk.

Quote from “Petals of the Heart” by Srinivas Arka: “You are more than you think. You are more than you believe. You come to know this fact only when you experience it.”


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