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Lecture by Srinivas Arka on ‘Learning and development of higher order thinking skills’.

Lecture at Hagley Community College Christchurch

Friday 12 June 2015


On a very mild Christchurch day, Srinivas Arka was introduced to the International students at Hagley Community College by Sarah Denny, the tutor. The emphasis of the talk was on the importance of the learning process which included the key competencies that relates to thinking skills, communication, understanding language and text, managing self, participating and contributing.


The students put forward numerous interesting questions including the meaning of Arka’s name, his main ideas in his books, how it can benefit the community, and the origin and practice of ‘Yoga’.

Srinivas Arka provided meaningful answers to all the questions and elaborated in considerable depth where necessary. He explained that the ideas in his books were simply through intuitive inspiration, motivation, self belief and listening to the inner voice. He elaborated in depth the meaning of ‘Yoga’, that it is an inner spiritual journey, and the method of achieving ‘Oneness’ in silence with Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation. The gentle touch of the thumb and first finger forming a circle brings oneness and inner peace – yoga.



Everyone in the audience was really receptive to his talk and engaged in positive interactive conversation at the conclusion of the event.

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