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Lecture by Srinivas Arka on Visible and Invisible Nature

Sunday 7 June 2015

Organised by: Jaagriti Family Support Group in association with CCA NZ

On Sunday 7th June, commencing at 3pm, Srinivas Arka addressed a gathering at the BSCT hall, 13 May Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland.

After being welcomed by the organizers he proceeded with a short meditation. Everyone present felt very relaxed and eager to listen to the talk on ‘Visible and Invisible Nature’.

At first, Arka asked the audience if they had any questions they wanted him to answer. There was a variety of questions, including, ‘Why are we in the world? How much can you trust intuition? And what can I do with my life now that I am elderly?’ He said that he would do his best to answer these, but that questions should be pondered over, so that we could invoke higher nature to answer.
To answer these questions then, he proceeded to describe many facts about our existence on earth—that ‘We must be grateful, as the ancients had—to Mother, Father, teachers, guests and the sun and planets. The ancients knew why they were here –they looked inside themselves for answers, but we tend to look outside and take from it. When our thinking and doing match, then we would progress. We have to find our own meaning in life, as everyone interprets life differently. Mind is only on the surface. When we explore deeply we become closer to our heart centre, our inner consciousness. This is our intuition, the Mother of all senses.” He quoted from his book “Petals of the Heart” “Words are like containers in the museum of languages.” “Intuition awakens when Intelligence is exhausted.”


The universe is continuously welcoming us to explore, but our senses are so limited. We can experience in silence the deeper emotional self with meditational approach. Experience then is for us, explanation is for others, but the mind doubts. When you give to others you are really giving to yourself because you actually benefit. But we limit ourselves by always being too busy. How many times do we regret? It is rare to find a perfect day.

“Perfection is a beautiful mirage. You chase constantly but you never get it.” If you go back to the past/future you become sad. Joy is in the middle, like a sandwich. If you can embrace the moment, you can experience joy.

To elaborate on his important messages, and realizing that visible nature is outside us, whereas invisible nature is inside us, we get our true answers when we explore our inner consciousness through philosophical inquiry and meditational experience.
Everyone left feeling very inspired, happy and at peace with themselves and the world, after listening to and absorbing such an enlightening talk and obtaining answers to questions in great depth.

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