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Mental Health Wellbeing Seminar 

27th April 2019


On 27th April, the Centre for Conscious Awareness New Zealand hosted a seminar on Mental Health Wellbeing in Auckland at the Parnell Community Centre. Over 70 people attended the event which focused on raising awareness on mental wellbeing strategies and showcased some successful methodologies in managing mental health and overall wellbeing.


Speakers included founders of charities as well as leaders in the area of mental health. Tina Jones founder of Youth in Transition Charitable Trust offered her insights on a holistic program that the charity she co-founded in the Hibiscus Coast and the way in which the charity has help curb the suicide rates of young New Zealanders. They offer a program that focuses on physical , mental and spiritual wellbeing and have an unique model which has been very successful for over 180 youth in the region. The charity is community based and offers programs to suit youth. The support of the community business organisations, funding bodies and individuals who show empathy has been a key reason for its continuity.  We also heard Gareth Edwards - psychologist, musician and founder of Positive Thinking speak about his work, through music, story telling and living life with laughter. As a person who has contributed to the sector based on his experience, his insights were very useful and inspiring.


Insights were also offered by Prof Anil Thapliyal who is a globally recognised executive director , e-mental Health International Collaborative and current eMental Health Lead , Centre for eHealth, AUT. Insights on how digital technology solutions have helped people in crisis and ongoing work in this space at a policy level with various governments was shared by the esteemed researcher.


It was also heartening to have the event opened by prayers from Richie Waiwai, Ngai Tuhoe, Ngati Hinekura. Hon. Michael Wood MP opened the seminar with his support to CCANZ to continue the good work in communities. With around 650 plus individuals taking their own lives each year, our small but sustained work in bringing events that educate community members will continue. What is the most important thing in the world, the answer is found in the Maori proverb ; He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata.

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