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Open Audience - Christchurch

18th May 2019


The event commenced with a traditional Maori welcome to Founder of Centre for Conscious Awareness, Srinivas Arka by members of local Ngai Tahu, the indigenous people of the South Island of New Zealand. Elaborating more in Maori, the welcome was extended by Ngai Tahu from "The Spirits of the Mountains, Rivers and the Sky" merging into oneness. Srinivas Arka related this experience to eastern philosophy and the Sanskrit language.



He began the talk explaining how life can only be holistic and complete when we embrace our existence with nature, planet earth and all aspects including the physical, mental, philosophical and metaphysical. The event later evolved into an interactive question and answer session. Profound questions such as “where we go when we die?” and “how one distinguishes between the rational mind and the intuitive heart?” received elegant and insightful answers.

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