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The splendid Sunday evening was graced by the presence of two eminent speakers, the celebrated author & philosopher Srinivas Arka and the well-known Dr Michael Godfrey at the Positive Living Series event of CCANZ.

It was with great anticipation and keen interest that many people were present in the audience to listen to the talks on 'The Development of Consciousness' by Srinivas Arka and 'Matter Doesn't matter' by Dr Michael Godfrey.

The event started with a warm welcome, a brief introduction to CCANZ and its activities, and the upcoming events, presented respectively by trustees Trish Tapara, Abhy Maharaj and chief executive officer Sanjay Kumarasingham.

CCANZ - Positive Living Series Event - Auckland

Sunday 17 May 2015


The first speaker was Dr Micheal Godfrey who emphasised that the onus is on the individual to start an inward journey and find out the greater purpose and meaning of life; that the purpose of life is to love everyone and to show compassion which is one of the expressions of love. He concluded his interesting talk with the meaningful words 'we will all be Divine'.

Melodious instrumental music was presented by two young talented musicians Kavinesh and Prashanth. The music gradually developed pace and rhythm becoming more lively and cheerful, delighting the audience. The music continued through the intermission during which light refreshments were served to all present.

Everyone assembled again in silence for the talk by founder Srinivas Arka on the development of consciousness for deeper insight into becoming inspired. He highlighted on the various aspects of the mind and its qualities and how one can try to find out the unique nature of one's own mind; he elaborated on how the inner consciousness has abundant resources, which cannot be recognised by the mind, but with our feeling consciousness, which is a heart-based, emotion-based, feeling-based profound experience. He reiterated that by becoming closer to our mind, we also become closer to our heart; as we advance and experience this, we can find unity between mind and heart consciousness. This is possible only by meditation or Dhyana, through which we can internalise and experience our inner consciousness. He concluded the inspiring talk with the profound words 'Mind is just the tail-end of the infinite consciousness in the sky of our spirit.'


There were interesting question-answer sessions after the respective talks. Then followed the presentation of token of appreciation to the guest speaker and musicians by Srinivas Arka on behalf of CCANZ. The evening concluded with an expression of gratitude to everyone present.

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