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CCANZ Self Awareness Retreat in Taupo New Zealand

29 May - 1 June 2016

This was an exciting time for CCANZ as our founder Srinivas Arka was conducting the first ever retreat in the South Pacific at the beautiful venue: Huka Falls Resort at Lake Taupo.



It was a three-hour drive from Auckland where most of us lived. We carpooled and therefore became better acquainted with new people travelling with us.

Programmes covered during this ”learning” retreat were: The importance of Self-awareness, looking inwards rather than outwards, giving time for oneself, being very patient with oneself, reducing the impact of Mind by connecting Mind and Heart and developing empathy through Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation; to be effective in communication by preparing the other person; feeling first then persevering; evaluating one's results; practising Arka Dhyana prior to interviews, phone calls and so on; experiencing different levels of communication through the physical, mental, conscious, subconscious, emotions, heart, deeper heart and intuition; and developing leadership qualities.

An Arka Dhyana session was conducted where three NZ teachers spoke about the breath, sound and touch in this meditation technique. We then all participated in a short Arka Dhyana session. Later that day we all visited the beautiful nearby Huka Falls and breathed in the wonderful, fresh, country air.

In the final session Arka advised that the name Centre for Conscious Awareness had to reflect the true purpose of what we were doing, and demonstrated it with meaningful hand gestures. This was shown step-by-step – With the word “Centre” both hands are placed on the heart centre, palms down and fingers touching; the next word ”For” hands were placed in front looking at the open palms; “Conscious”—hands outstretched in a swimming direction, and to the sides of the body with 'cupped' palms; “Awareness” hands up to the sky; at the same time repeating each word individually. This was to be performed slowly and carefully with good concentration.

In conclusion, we were asked to individually reflect to the group about our experience of the retreat. Everyone spoke very positively and with much enthusiasm. The retreat concluded on Monday 1 June at 10 am, when we returned to our homes refreshed and revived after experiencing much learning, new friendships, and happy enlightening experiences.

Write-up by: Carys Grant.

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