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CCANZ - Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust Event - Auckland

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Srinivas Arka was invited to give a talk at the Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust in Auckland.
The large hall was filled to its total capacity with mostly elderly people interested in listening to the talk on Conscious Health.

The programme started with a warm welcome and a brief introduction to Srinivas Arka, who then commenced with a few moments of Dhyana and shared his experiences of his consistent pursuit of knowledge over many years right from a very early age.

In his talk Arka said that ‘We spend so much of our time in conquering the outside world, but we hardly spend time conquering our own mind. We have to direct and train our mind to look at the positive. There is always something to learn any time and there is no age limit. He emphasized that if we focus on our work and project our mind in it, then we will not feel the effect of aging. Wherever the mind is applied, it enhances growth of that particular aspect. Feeling young and energetic is very important. The feeling grows powerfully developing what is called Intuitive Awareness from the inside within oneself. We have to apply our mind in the right direction, without having any expectation. Stress due to thinking excessively has a great impact on aging. If we talk continuously about the past, it can bring sadness; so not dwelling too much in the past is good, allowing thinking about the present, accepting everything and moving forward with freshness. We have to keep the body with the present, being respectful of the past. If we are with the breath or Prana, then we can be with the present and progress positively. We need to be focusing on work, doing Dhyana and enhancing feeling consciousness and intuitive awareness.’

The members in the audience had questions such as ‘How to control the mind?’ and ‘How to forget old (past) thoughts?’. Srinivas Arka replied, in his inimitable gentle yet confident manner with a touch of humour, that ‘Mind is like a river and we must allow the mind to flow gracefully, only then can we harness the mind. And trying to forget one’s past thoughts would only be an artificial attempt. If the thought is bothering us, then we may write it down, pay attention to it, accept and understand it, say thank you and move forward. If we don’t pay attention we get tension. We have to make sure to be positive and stay positive, working effectively as best as possible.

Everyone was highly appreciative of Srinivas Arka and benefited from his immensely inspirational talk.

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