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Adventures of Self Discovery

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This book of inspired wisdom by Srinivas Arka was first published in 1998. Since many years our more turbulent world has lived through many momentous experiences of war, political strife and natural disasters. Life on this beautiful and potentially abundant planet appears, perhaps on the surface, to be descending more than ever into chaos, discord and disharmony.

All of which makes re-publication of these simple and profound teachings more relevant for the individual and our world at large. Like many other great spiritual writings of the past, they point out that real change in the outer world can only begin deep within the consciousness of each of us. Srinivas Arka’s teachings uniquely blend ancient and modern insights in a simple and easily memorable form particularly appropriate for our present world.

Effectively they provide us with beautifully detailed roadmaps showing how we can take the vital steps necessary to set out on, or deepen the journey of Self-Discovery for ourselves and the world.

The original text has been reviewed and refined only slightly by Srinivas Arka to harmonise the contents of this foundation volume with his other publications, Becoming Inspired and Petals of the Heart. Together these three books constitute a remarkable and expanding body of modern, spiritual and practical wisdom that is now deservedly reaching an ever-growing international audience.

Book dimensions: 15.6 x 1.4 x 23.4 cm

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