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Workshops on Understanding the Mind - Methods to Relax

20th October, 3rd & 4th November 2018

20 October workshop 1.jpg


In Auckland CCA NZ were invited to conduct workshops on understanding the mind and methods to relax. These were well attended. 3 hour sessions were held on each day, being 20th October, 3rd November & 4th November.

These workshops covered important techniques of self care which help us to better look after our wellbeing. How to cope with anxiety, diminish stress and understand the mechanisms of depression and how to lessen its grip were also covered.

20 October class 3.jpg
20 October Class 2.jpg
Testimonials from the Workshops

“Peaceful environment and information provided has been engaging and practical. Really appreciated that it was offered. Thank you.”

“I have learnt a lot about techniques and ways to have a positive mind which is very helpful for my daily life.”

“A beautiful calming experience showing how to keep yourself together with meditation, music, exercise and changing thoughts. Thoroughly worth attending.”

"Great teacher, great slides and great information. Thank you!"


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