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Yoga and Dinner Celebration for Srinivas Arka's Birthday

Tuesday 25th September 2018


A well attended function to celebrate founder of Centre for Conscious Awareness, Srinivas Arka's birthday began in Christchurch, on Tuesday evening, 25th September 2018.

Demonstration and participation in yoga was followed by a brief talk on Centre for Concious Awareness and its founder Srinivas Arka.  Arka Dhyana a finer form of Intuitive meditation, Intuitive Intelligence Programme and benefits of regular practice of Arka Dhyana were also narrated. A video from the 'Circulation of Energy' talk by Srinivas Arka, now available on Youtube, was also played. The evening concluded with a vegetarian dinner.

The audience participation and excellent feedback received are the rewards of love and generosity by Srinivas Arka.



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Testimonials from the Event

Very much enjoyed the evening. Happy that it was so popular and successful, best wishes.”


“Lovely evening of peacefulness and togetherness. Many thanks.”

Pam and Tracy  

“I was so impressed with the whole evening. Thank you so much, you've inspired me to go back to yoga after many years and to try Indian cooking. Thanks”


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