''Information stimulates our minds.

inspiration soothes our hearts,

leaving behind a trace of grace

-Srinivas Arka


We are a multi-national, registered charitable organisation concerned with raising conscious awareness of individuals, helping them to identify their role, significance, responsibility and their own unique positive potentials, to contribute to the development of humanity in harmony with nature.


Centre for Conscious Awareness New Zealand are committed to:

  • Teaching Intuitive Meditation to improve one's overall wellbeing, to raise their conscious awareness and realise their innate positive potential, their role, responsibility and unique meaning in life.

  • Improving access to education for all. Everyone in the world has the right to receive education be fed and sheltered.

  • Improving management of individual resources, encouraging manufacturing, buying and selling of materials in a more ethical manner.

  • Reducing humanity’s impact on the environment and our planet.

  • Healthy eating, which helps individuals to become aware of their own diet, nutrition and less burden on national health services and Recycling.

Vision for Centre for Conscious Awareness

Inspirational Talks by Srinivas Arka - Founder of CCA


Centre for Conscious Awareness, in conjunction with international academic partners are dedicated to studying and researching the structure and nature of human consciousness, its potential, its extent, and its relationship with the external world.


The theory of the Six Main Levels of Consciousness is based on the phenomenological experiences of the philosopher Arka and that of his pupils. It involves a profound analysis of the levels and qualities of consciousness he experienced as he turned his awareness or surface consciousness awareness inwards on his journey to discover his true nature or self . Although Arka (2013) points out that different people's experiences within each level will be unique, he also claims that the levels are common when following the Intuitive Meditation method, which is also known as or Arka Dhyana. This suggests that other people using this method, or a method similar to it, will experience similar levels on their journey of Self-discovery. This makes his theory testable through replication, at least from an inner experimental point of view of other practitioners. As each level is said to consist of specific qualities, it enabled scientists to investigate the different levels scientifically through   questionnaires, scales and/or technical means.

Levels of Consciousness: The Role of the

Heart and Pulsation

Tina Lindhard

International University of Professional Studies (IUPS), Maui, Hawaii, USA

International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice                                    Horizon Research Publishing           Vol.6. No.3 July, 2018, pp. 65-74

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March 2016